Friday at Five

Released 2005
Released 2005
Real musicians playing live, really well.

Kenny Carr - Electric Guitar/Guitar Synthesizer
Featuring Multi Grammy Nominated Saxophonist Donny McCaslin
John Dryden - Keyboards
John Baily- Trumpet
Andy Hess - Bass
Tony Mason - Drums

"Friday at Five" was originally intended to be a demo project as well as an opportunity to reunite with some old Santa Cruz friends now professional musicians in New York City. "Magical things can happen when the right musicians are brought together under the right circumstances," Kenny proclaims. Donny McCaslin and John Dryden as well as Tony Mason, John Bailey, and Andy Hess are those musicians Kenny is referring to. "Friday at Five" was recorded in a small studio in Manhattan in 1997. To create more of a "live" feel, no sound barriers were used to separate the musicians, much like recording sessions of years past. This "demo project" was finished in two days and somehow ended up in storage. Eight years later, Kenny's music remains as fresh as the day it was recorded in 1997. This enduring vitality is the essence of Kenny Carr's debut album "Friday at Five".